Storms are brewing…

AFRICAN STORMS: Things are getting pretty violent in the sky

FOR those of you who live in a cave somewhere warm and are part of the progress-hindering crowd that deny that global warming exists, I have some evidence for you people!

If your cave is well sheltered and extends far and deep into a solid mountain, it would do you good to know that the world has been hit by the most devastating storms in the history of humankind.

Old ladies are literally being lifted off their feet with their umbrellas in the windy streets of Cape Town, and old trees are being uprooted left right and center during storms hell-bent on destroying us all.

Well when I was enjoying the percolated taste of a Nescafe cup of coffee with my family, I was informed that one of these fierce storms hit the greater Pietermaritzburg area. It descended on my humble place of work and literally tore off a large portion of roof – the part right above our R40 million printing press nogal!

There have been chaps banging on the roof for the last couple of weeks now trying to repair the storms damage; but peace, dignity and order has finally been restored and the roof is fixed… until the next Armageddon hits. Touch wood.

The great minds at the office remembered the surveillance cameras that witnessed the storms carnage and released this video a couple of days ago. Witness the horror, and believe me when I say that we must protect ourselves from the Global Warming!

Storms are brewing … Don’t blow me away


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    On that note, the Summer sun has shown itself today for the first time in three weeks

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