Starbarians Video by Harry Partridge

STARBARIANS: A Happy Friday Cartoon by Harry Partridge

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned Harry Partridge on this blog before but he has to be one of the best comedic animators of 2012. His video Starbarians made me shoot tea out of my nose the first time I watched it. It has almost reached 1 million views in 6 months but Starbarians has already been translated into several different languages.

And that’s just one episode! It’s obvious that Starbarians would become a hit cult of it became a whole series! So I guess this is a plea for more episodes of Starbarians! Harry Partridge, if you’re listening, this series could rock the very balls of the animated universe. I’m just saying…

Starbarians – Episode 1 (with hopefully more to follow)

Other Harry Partridge classics include Hal the Misinterpretive Porn Star, The Justin Bieber Show, Stephen the Lesbian and a whole whack of delightfully humoured music videos (of sorts). Check out his Happy Harry Toons YouTube Channel for more.

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