SpotNsave Security Wristband & Emergency Alert System

SPOTNSAVE: The Smart and Simple Security Bracelet

The spotNsave security wristband is a wearable smart device with Bluetooth 2.0 and linked with a smartphone app for keeping you safe at all times. It is fast overtaking existing security apps due to its ease-of-use, functionality and very reasonable price-tag.

SpotNsave Security Wristband & Pendant

spotNsave Security Wristband

Launched in December 2013 by tech-savvy entrepreneur, Chirag Jagtiani, the spotNsave security wristband has been keenly adopted by parents, daughters, sons, wives, the elderly and most recently, hospital patients.

“I never really expected that spotNsave could be used in so many different fields of life”, says Jagtiani. “I initially started this product just keeping women and senior citizens safe, but now I do see a bigger picture and there could be a lot of businesses that could benefit by using spotNsave.”

Using the spotNsave security wristband is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply:

  • Download the spotNsave app (free) and buy the bracelet for just $38
  • Create and activate your spotNsave account
  • Choose up to 5 guardians and pair any smartphone with the wristband via Bluetooth and you’re good to go!

Unlike other smartphone security apps, the spotNsave security wristband works by allowing you to activate an emergency alert system without having to touch you phone. An SOS button on the device itself is activated by two clicks with your finger whenever you feel you might be in danger.

Upon activation of the SOS button on the spotNsave security wristband, the app will send out an SMS alert to your chosen guardians every 2 minutes (at no cost) until manually deactivated. Guardians will also be supplied with location information, the fastest route to get to you, as well as a low battery alert if the user’s phone is low on juice.

The spotNsave Security Wristband: Feel Secure

“To activate the emergency alert, you will have to press a button on the wristband twice in quick succession”, says Jagtiani. This design is to ensure that you don’t accidentally cry wolf and send out false alerts. spotNsave also allows you to send alerts by pressing your phone’s power button twice.

Amazingly, the spotNsave security wristband battery lasts around 16-18 hours on a single charge. The team is currently working on security apps for the iPhone and Windows phone. iPhone users will be sold a pendant, which can be worn around the neck, instead of the wristband.

“The product currently works in coordination with an Android app, while the iOS app could be ready by the end of April, says Jagtiani. Here on, we are planning to add a push-to-talk feature on the app, along with a feature that lets you report crimes within the app itself.”

You can freely download the spotNsave security app from the Google Play Store and currently pre-order the spotNsave security wristband or pendant from their website.

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