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COOL WEBSITES: SA Tech Review Looks to be a New Trend-Setter!

I’ve just started following @SATechReview on Twitter and have been thoroughly impressed with their technology news coverage. Did you know that Vodacom is likely to buy out Neotel? And that Canonical is bringing Ubuntu to smartphones and tablets? There are certainly a multitude of technology news websites to follow on the World Wide Web, but SA Tech Review really seems to be on the ball.

The SA Tech Review website offers some great content and resources for bloggers, tech-savvy IT professionals and online entrepreneurs. If you own a website, SA Tech Review offers to teach you how to promote it for free. If you’re an avid and popular twitterer, learn how to make some good money from your tweeting.

For business people and trend-spotters, SA Tech Review offers some great coverage of both local and global IT business analysis. There is a steady stream of news coverage and analysis on trends, as well as opportunities for IT professionals in various roles to get involved. SA Tech Review seems like a great destination for professionals seeking to research technology-related issues and solve business technology problems.

The SA Tech Review Website (image:

The SA Tech Review Website (image:

There is a great selection of mobile coverage on offer too. Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, Windows and Apple devices are all catered for, and there are some great resources available for smartphone users, such as a selection of the best SA apps for android. For those who like to engage in some serious debate, there are some more controversial articles too, such as “The Eminent End of Apple”…

South Africa is quickly catching up with the top players in the technology realm, and it’s great to see websites such as this moving forward with such gusto! I’m going to be keeping a watchful eye on SA Tech Review and I’m eagerly waiting to see what they cover next with keen interest. They seem to be steadily growing in popularity too – with close to 3 500 likes on Facebook and over 10 000 followers on Twitter.

With the fast-pace that technology is moving forward, it can become really difficult to keep up. I had honestly felt quite out of the loop over the past few months, but after spending just an hour with SA Tech Review, I’m starting to feel back on track! Bigs-ups to the peeps who run SA Tech Review; you are doing a sterling job. Keep it up and I thoroughly look forward to seeing what you put out next!


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