The Most Ridiculous Mobile Games of 2016

2016 was a huge year for mobile gaming and a number of big-name branded titles such as Pokémon GO and Football Manager Mobile 2017 have had a massive impact on revenues across the market. However, there has also been a wealth of crazier titles that have been released and pleased players. Here is a list of the most ridiculous mobile games of the year.

Tofu Hunter

We start this list with an audacious mobile game that somehow managed to become one of the shock hits of the year. Tofu Hunter by [adult swim] games is a hunting game with a difference. A big difference. Yes, you have probably guessed by the title where we are going and it is a direction you will either love or hate. The aim of the game is to hunt down animalized tofu. It plays as ridiculously as it sounds.

Somehow, the developer has made an addictive game based on a food product that is made with ingredients of coagulated soy milk and bean curd. Players must hunt down as many pieces of tofu as possible but must also avoid killing the tofu does and staying out of the reach of the viscous tofu leopards. Players can earn special weapon rewards including grenade launchers and cross bows to shoot the little varmints. It is still unclear what the overall opinion of the vegetarian community is towards this game but there is no denying it is thoroughly absorbing.

Tofu Hunter mobile game image - ridiculous mobile games 2016

Tofu Hunter is for the ruthless vegetarian killer in everyone

Toilet Treasures

If you were ever a young child that was caught picking your nose by your parents and handed the quip of “you digging for gold again?” then you will be delighted to hear that you might not have found treasure up your nostril but Toilet Treasures from Tapps Games allows you to venture down the nether reaches of the pan to try and find some lucrative treats.

We are not going to lie. There is not much depth to this game. Players can find a total of 60 treasures down the toilet on display. Custom-made plungers can be unlocked as part of the rewards scheme. It is also surprisingly satisfying to unclog the toilet. The only time we came close to experiencing such euphoria was when one of our characters on Sims finally managed to unclog their toilet after hours of labouring. This is certainly one for the guilty pleasure category.

Governor of Poker 3

Poker games are very much cut from the same cloth when it comes to the mobile platform but fortunately developer Youda Games decided to break away from the conventions of the current market and do their own thing. The result is a creative and slightly zany mobile poker product that has gone on to become one of the most popular mobile poker games on the market with this latest edition taking mobile devices by storm during 2016. As with most online casino games, online poker games have been around for a while but the quality of mobile poker games has been very inconsistent.

Governor of Poker 3 is the first multi-player instalment of the franchise and this takes the game play to a whole new level. There are several game modes to enjoy such as cash games, sit ‘n’ go tournaments, push or fold, spin and play, and big win. The cartoon theme and presentation adds a light-hearted flavour to proceedings where players of other mobile poker games such as Zynga Poker and Full Tilt Poker would be used to just text and tables. The graphics are quirky and the added fun factor offers something different away from the seriousness of the rival titles. That said, this is still very much a serious game of poker as soon as the chips are on the table which makes the comical visuals seem even more ridiculous.

Governor of Poker 3 mobile game image

Governor of Poker 3 offers some comic relief for the mobile poker genre

Pizza vs Skeletons

Man vs beast, plants vs zombies, Scott Pilgrim vs the world – all epic duals across pop culture but one that stands on a level platform with all of these is this Pizza vs Skeletons mobile game. Riverman Media have surpassed all expectations on this list by developing this really bizarre game that pits two huge rivals against each other. The question of whether pizza or skeletons are more superior can now finally be answered.

This game might have been released a while ago but it remains one of the most-played and obscene mobile games on the market today. Players take on the role of a giant pizza and must look to destroy all members of the skeleton army that try to take them down. This is not for the weak! There are 120 different levels to play so there is plenty of depth and the endless game mode can prove to be horrendously addictive. The ability to customise your own pizza also takes things to another level. Glorious!

The Battle Cats

ThunderCats, now there was a television show! The popularity of the children’s 1980s cartoon suggests that there is a place in our modern society for aggressive cats that fancy having a bit of a scrap with someone… or each other. Enter The Battle Cats! Developer PONOS is taking the cuddly and loveable felines and giving them an edge for this mobile game.

Players are tasked with raising their own army of Battle Cats. The latest update in 2016 has added a lot more content to the game with new units such as Rare, Super, and Uber cats included, Catclaw Dojo has also been added, the Stories of Legend are now available after Empire Ch. 1 is completed, and event stages and rank rewards have also been added. Cat fans will not be able to get enough of this odd little title and those of you out there that hate cats will just relish the opportunity to see them clawing the crap out of each other for your own entertainment.

The Battle Cats mobile game image - ridiculous mobile games 2016

The Battle Cats is a mobile strategy game with a small uniqueness to it

What are your most ridiculous mobile games of 2016?


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