Premier League Odds 2018: A Look

If you are a football fanatic, The Premier League is something you wouldn’t miss. Premier League is a football competition, wherein 20 clubs compete amongst each other for the top spot – The Premier League titleholder. This league was first founded in 1992, with the current titleholder being Manchester City. Several football clubs such as Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United, Arsenal, etc. are a part of this league. The most number of times won by a single club is Manchester United, with a total of 13 titles.  If you are into English football betting, we are sure you already know that.

What Can You Expect This Year?

With the Premier League beginning, the gamble for the ultimate winner has begun. Several people have started placing their bets on who will be the one who will take the cup home this season? A popular choice is Manchester City, continuing their last year’s glory. However, not lagging far behind among audience’s reaction is Liverpool and Arsenal. They too seem to have the potential to give a tough competition to the other clubs and to lift the cup this year.

As per, most popular bets when it comes to the winner is Liverpool, followed by Man City and Arsenal. The top goal scorer as per this site should be Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspurs, followed by Mohammed Salah of Liverpool FC and Sergio Aguero of Manchester City.

However, the site has a different tale to say. Bets have been placed on Manchester City as the winner this year followed by Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC. Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola saw his team finish 19 points clear as compared to the other teams in the last season. However, who will challenge them and be tough contenders for them this season is still something everyone is waiting to know.

Who Can Make it Big This Time?

When asked to a group of 24 BBC TV and Radio Hosts, majority of them were of the opinion that Manchester City will continue its reign this season as well. Not very far behind is Liverpool, who will be giving a tough competition to the previous year’s winners. However, Manchester United is expected to give a tough competition this year as well.

While they finished second in the last season, it has been one of their best ends to the Premier League since Sir Alex Fergusson retired in 2013. However, by acquiring the talented midfielder Fred and Diego Dalot, they have a chance to improve and to increase the chances of winning.


The competition is tough but the players and the clubs are not the ones to back down. With teams putting in enough blood and sweat into their performance, only time will tell as to who will raise the cup. However, as per general opinion and what people have been saying, Manchester City seems to be the most favourite to be declared as the winner this year as well. However, judging and choosing the winner now would be too early. The plates could turn anytime. Teams like Liverpool and Manchester United are not too far behind and will, supposedly, catch up eventually.


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