PingPong Website Monitoring: Website Uptime and Performance Monitoring

PINGPONG: New Website Monitoring & Performance Tool

If you’re a website owner, you’ll know how frustrating and potentially damaging it can be when your website goes down. Readers and money can be lost, reputation can be damaged and you can feel helpless not knowing why your website is experiencing downtime.

What can help in such cases are website monitoring tools. Nicholas Duncan – the brainchild behind myScoop – the South African blog aggregator, has recently launched a new start-up called PingPong, which is exactly what is needed to reduce the risk of your website going down.

PingPong Website Monitoring РSite downtime alerts.
Site uptime & performance reports

PingPong Website Monitoring Tool

PingPong is a website monitoring tool that:

  • Provides performance metrics
  • Alerts you via SMS and email when your website(s) go down
  • Provides error logs to help you debug your website downtime

There are several benefits of having such a tool:

  • If you’re in ecommerce and you’re site goes down, you will obviously lose money.
  • If you are running AdWords campaigns and your site goes down, all your ads run the risk of being disapproved.
  • If you’re an agency, it’s helpful to know that a client’s site is down before they know. This allows you to act quicker.

PingPong is still very new on the web-scene and there is a host of features planned for release over the next few months, such as:

  • A better, more modern user interface
  • Automatic weekly/monthly reports (emailed to you)
  • Public page (allowing others to see your downtime and performance reports)
  • More “checks” (such as checking if your mail server is up, checking if your MySQL server is up, etc.)

PingPong Website Monitoring Tool 2

To see PingPong Website Monitoring in action, the website offers a free live demo as well as a free package ideal for bloggers and start-ups. The more professional packages (for businesses and agencies) offer a free 30 day trail period. If you wish to continue using the service, the full packages are offered at very reasonable rates.

So if PingPong Website Monitoring sounds like something that can benefit you, bounce on over and take a gander! Knowing Nick Duncan, I can say with some authority that this new venture will prove to be a great success.


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