Penis Architecture

LOL PIC: The architect must have seen this coming …

Penis architecture - a 21st century design by Willy Johnson

NOTE: Willy Johnson is just a made-up name. There is no real Willy Johnson. But if there was that would be damn funny, as “willy” and “Johnson” are both slang terms that refer to the penis. (Just in case you didn’t know).

UPDATE: There actually is a Willy Johnson! (Not to be confused with Willie Johnson – the American singer). He’s on Facebook. I also found about 6 Willy Johnsons on LinkedIn. So there are several Willys around. LOL !!

Anyway, it’s my understanding that the Willy Johnson in mention – who erected this particular peni structure – was Cockney ;)

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2 Responses

  1. architector says:

    Where is this???and is it for real? I’m working on an article for a US magazine and would love to include it.


  2. Galen says:

    lol, it is real, but unfortunately I don’t know where this might be. It was forwarded to me as an email. Although I imagine there are lots of penises reflected off architecture – it’s just a matter of getting the light right ;)

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