New Fat Pie cartoon by David Firth

NEW FAT PIE: David Firth’s latest (hopefully not last) video

I’ve been re-watching Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe lately and have been reminded how depressing and dodgy television and even the news can be in our backwards ‘Information Age’. But cynicism and despair about the world aside, Charlie Brooker has some great guests and inserts on his show. The fourth series features the animated delights of Fat Pie – a great little cartoon series by David Firth – the same guy who brought us the weird and wonderful Salad Fingers. It can be described as warped humour, but Fat Pie often does well to make a valid comment on society.

I had a peruse on YouTube to see what new Fat Pie cartoons David Firth had done lately and was pleased to discover that, after three years, Firth is back with a new Fat Pie gem! It’s called “Take This Pill” and I suppose it’s a jab at the health industry to put it blandly. It’s also the last Fat Pie animation that David Firth will be publishing for a while, according to him. Here’s the splurb off YouTube:

“Take these pills. They will turn you into the person you are supposed to be. They have no flavour. This is a sequel to HEALTH REMINDER. Just by watching this video, you will be healed of any problems you have in your life. If you don’t have any problems, then now is a good time to start looking for them. You got a problem buddy? Wanna make something of it? This is the last cartoon from me for a while. I am running away. Watch the original if you haven’t seen it already.”

New Fat Pie – Take This Pill

And here’s the prequel – Health Reminder

“This is a health reminder. May I remind you to pay attention? This will save your life and eliminate your worries. It most CERTAINLY will destroy any bothers you have. You have no choice but to realise this. You have no choice but to understand.”

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