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StealthGenie Monitoring App

MOBILE TECH REVIEW: The StealthGenie Monitoring App

You just can’t depend on basic monitoring apps these days. There is just so much to monitor, which is why StealthGenie makes it easy by offering you just about everything on your mobile device! It even gives you access to apps, and if you want to monitor Viber messages, then this is the ticket for you.

Only StealthGenie offers Viber Spy:

Because there is so much to monitor on your kids and employees’ devices, you simply cannot rely on just any monitoring app. There are monitoring apps that are fairly good at what they do but not even one of them is good enough for all your monitoring needs. So what would you do? Get different apps for different tasks?

Instead of all this hassle, consider StealthGenie – the monitoring app that will not only let you track the whereabouts of target devices, but also all other device usage stats. What’s more is that it lets you keep an eye on all apps they install on their devices. But that’s not all, the main power of StealthGenie lies in its capability to track all free messaging applications like Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger and Viber.

With StealthGenie by your side, you can effectively take stock of all the ways your kids and employees communicate and use their mobile devices. Users find StealthGenie to be an amazing tool for knowing exactly what their kids and employees do with their devices in their absence and find that all the features work well too. But when it comes to Viber spying, only StealthGenie comes to the rescue because currently no other spying app offers this feature.

Spying on Viber chats:

Viber chat tracking is no fuss at all and is more simple than you may think. You don’t have to go through any complicated configurations or feature activation. If you are already using StealthGenie, then you can simply start tracking Viber chats immediately. But if you are new to StealthGenie, you will have to install StealthGenie on the target smartphone, iPad or tablet before you can start monitoring Viber chats. The best part is that StealthGenie automatically starts logging all Viber chats once it is installed!

A very competitive price:

Monitor Viber messages of your employees at all times for a price as low as $8.33 a month. This StealthGenie monitoring app is the real solution to all your business-related issues and this is the app that is going to get rid of all your problems.

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