Life with wire

HAPPY FRIDAY: Life with wire

I’VE started working from home a lot, which sees me often talking to the walls and trying to bring inanimate objects to life. I wonder how long it will take for me to start attaching little arms and legs to my kitchen utensils…

One of my favourite Christmas presents as a child was this huge role of aluminum wire. The things that you can create with wire are endless and you can bring anything to life by simply attaching a pair of wire limbs.

These Happy Friday pictures are brought to you by elLf houSE – a Russian website which hosts some fantastic photographs and illustrations. It’s definitely worth a Google Translate. I’ve even done it for you since it’s Friday. Enjoy!

Life with wire

Beer mugging

Nail polish walking dogs

Wooden spoon murder

Star of the show

Whoopie cushion romance

Candle rocket

Erotic dancing film

MacDonalds monster


** More Happy Friday pictures **


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