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We could all do with a little more inspiration in our lives. Times are tough. Most of us are feeling poor, the future is uncertain, 2012 is looming … Sometimes it just takes one inspirational line to help us gain some perspective. After all, you could get hit by a taxi at any minute. To quote Homer Simpson, “you could wake up dead tomorrow!”

There’s more to life than money and cars and blogging – like clouds, ice-cream and puppies. Inspiration comes in many forms and can be a powerful thing. Below are some inspirational pictures and words, courtesy of,  that I hope will help you gain some perspective of your own.

Inspiration to chase your dreams:

Chase your dreams

Inspiration to cry:





Make the most of every moment:


Be careful what you say:






Big-ups to and the peeps who took these inspirational photographs. If anyone knows who the lovely spirits are that created these, please do let me know so I can credit them!

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Galen (name), meaning: "Curious One". A lover of language, human ingenuity and the forces of the universe. Hugely drawn towards the mysterious and unknown. Regular laughter and escapism essential.

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