How is My Drive?

How is My strives to improve road safety and provides valuable feedback to drivers and road users

Every year approximately 14 000 people lose their lives in road traffic related accidents and thousands more are injured. How is My Drive ( has unveiled a new concept in South Africa which strives to improve these statistics.

This new website provides road users with an easy-to-use online platform through which road incidents (such as bad driving) can be reported, stored and searched. This results in removing the anonymous nature of driving and provides valuable feedback to the public.

How is My Drive Website

How is My Drive Website

“The idea behind the website was developed after witnessing multiple incidents involving reckless driving and a disregard for the rules of the road, which is increasingly becoming the norm in South Africa,” says Igor Rodionov, the creator of the website. “After countless brain storming sessions it became clear that social responsibility and internet technology can be combined effectively to make a positive difference.”

Road users who are interested in improving road safety can create an account on the website and immediately become road spotters. This allows road users the ability to easily post road incident reports on any vehicle. Once the report is submitted, it gets verified and becomes available via the search feature.

The Idea Behind How is My Drive

The idea is that by allowing road spotters to submit various reports using their computer or mobile phone, the anonymous nature behind driving is removed and the public can receive valuable feedback regarding their driving style. Using this information, bad drivers can improve their driving behaviour and become more reluctant to break road rules. In return, road spotters can register their vehicle registration and receive email notifications when reports become available on their vehicle.

Using How is My Drive to Monitor Drivers

Additionally, the website provides businesses with a commercial solution which allows them to monitor their drivers by placing a “How is My” decal at the back of their vehicles. Their system has multiple benefits to businesses, including reductions in accident rates and costs. Since the system does not use expensive call centres, How is My Drive is able to offer businesses a cost-effective solution.

How is My Drive is a website which is committed to making a positive change in road behaviour and a good South African initiative. To obtain more information, visit


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