EASY PC 2: Wires and Dust

EASY PC: How to keep your home PC squeaky clean for cheap

WIRES can be an eye-sore in any home and desktop PC’s tend to have a lot of them. They also tend to attract a lot of dust, which can cause overheating if it gets into the internal bits of your computer.

A wireless desktop (keyboard and mouse) is a good start at reducing the amount of wires your PC needs. They’re also reasonably priced (at about R300 for both). Wireless network adaptors are also available if you wish to rid yourself of an Internet cable, but be warned that this may affect your Internet speed.

It’s also a good idea to set up your PC how you want before you plug anything in. This will prevent wires crossing and getting tangled together. To keep wires looking neat you can buy clips that can bunch a whole lot of cables together, or you can use cable ties as a cheaper alternative.

Computers also tend to attract dust and it is especially important to prevent a dust built-up inside your tower. You can safely open the side panel of your tower (with your computer switched off) to give it a good dusting. Use a fan for best results and never touch any internal hardware unless you are properly Earthed or grounded.

For the outside parts you can buy PC cleaner solutions but I find MR Min to be a great alternative. Use a dry cloth to dust first and then polish. It is also safe to give your screen a good buffing. A keyboard, on the other hand, can be put through a washing machine and still work after it’s dried (but that is a bit of a silly idea), so a damp cloth is perfectly safe for getting rid of any grubby keys.

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The home PC has evolved into what is now considered a modern-day home entertainment system. Capable of behaving like a television, home cinema, game station, work station, music player and much more, the home PC is far more capable than it has ever been before. But with all these capabilities come complexities, and there are several things to consider when investing in any form of home entertainment. This is what Easy PC plans to simplify.

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