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SEO: Best practice using Copy Compass!

HAVING used Copy Compass for a while now, I can honestly say that it is the best WordPress plugin released to date. The brainchild of Talooma’s Nick Duncan, Copy Compass is an easy-to-use plugin that analyses your posts for best SEO practice. It is an absolute breeze to use and a must-have for bloggers.

With a single click of your mouse, Copy Compass analyses a post, provides an overall score and offers suggestions for improving SEO for that post. Content analysis has never been this easy.

General SEO practice involves having between three and five keywords, including as many of these as possible in your title, having a meta description between 100 and 160 characters and ensuring that your main keywords are prominent throughout your post.

Copy Compass makes SEO practice far easier and exciting by analysing your posts for you – quickly and accurately. One is also able to analyse older posts and ensure that each one gets a high SEO score.

If you have minimal SEO experience, using Copy Compass essentially allows you to teach yourself SEO by learning to understand how search engines treat content on the web. Apart from the above, Copy Compass also uses text analysis and Reading Ease indexes to determine how readable and accessible your content is.

Nick really is an innovative machine that is super quick to fine-tune great plugins such as Copy Compass. You can download Copy Compass from the website or install it within your WordPress plugin directory. A simple search for “Copy Compass” will bring it up.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions regarding how to improve Copy Compass, post a comment or drop Nick an email and I’m sure he get right on it!

Happy SEO-ing!

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4 Responses

  1. Ian Webster says:

    Thanks for this.
    Plugins aren’t available to uses, I discovered :(
    I finally found a “Support” post on Plugins, only after travelling around the web.
    I sent a comment asking for it to be added. I received a “noted” reply, so we shall see.

  2. Hi Ian. Hmmm… I’m wondering if you can install plugins using the free version of WordPress. Copy Compass is certainly WordPress-friendly, but I think this might be the problem. Maybe it’s time to upgrade? :) I’ll ask Nick Duncan for his take on this

  3. Anisha Horsman says:

    I saw a tv show last week about this. It wasn’t as exciting as your writing.

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