COPpuccino videos at COP17

COP17 VIDEOS: World experts speak on climate change

THE Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership hosted a series of high-level COPpuccinos, sponsored by Nedbank. The brief interviews feature world-class experts on sustainability sharing their thoughts on COP17 and the progress made.

COPpuccino videos at COP17: Christiana Figueres


Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, in conversation with Professor Richard Calland, CPSL Senior Associate. In this interview, Ms Figueres shares her thoughts on the significance of the COP, its role in the revolutionary process of change, and the contribution of the private sector.

COPpuccino videos at COP17: Christiana Figueres 2


Christiana Figueres follows the interview with Professor Richard Calland by taking part in a Q&A session. In a personal and emotional contribution, Ms Figueres shows her passion for her role in the COP and explains why she is committed to change, and that there is no Plan B.

COPpuccino videos at COP17: Kumi Naidoo


Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, talks about civil disobedience and the need for business to be a part of the solution. Kumi calls for a “painless tax” and suggests that until business understands that it must deliver value to future generations and that the pace of change must speed up dramatically, the climate change crisis will not be averted.

COPpuccino video: Stefan Raubenheimer & Laurence Brahm


Stefan Raubenheimer, international climate change policy facilitator, CEO of SouthSouthNorth, CDKN and MAPs, and Laurence Brahm, global activist, international mediator and leading advocate of The Himalayan Consensus – a fresh development paradigm speak to Professor Richard Calland. Stefan Raubenheimer and Laurence Brahm speak about the process of the COPs and how the events have changed.

COPpuccino videos at COP17: Trevor Manuel



Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister for National Planning, in conversation with Professor Richard Calland, CPSL Senior Associate at The Oasis. In part 1 Trevor Manuel discusses mistrust and South Africa’s energy transition. In part 2 of the interview, Trevor Manuel talks about designing the Green Climate Fund.

COPpuccino videos at COP17: Saliem Fakir & Dr Bob Scholes


Richard Calland interviews Saliem Fakir from WWF South Africa, and Dr Bob Scholes, CSIR Fellow and author in the latest IPCC report.

COPpuccino video: Sandrine Dixson-Declève & Peet du Plooy


The 6th COPpuccino interview involves the European Director of CPSL, Sandrine Dixson-Decléve, and Peet du Plooy from TIPS (Trade and Industry Policy & Strategies).

COPpuccino videos at COP17: Smita Nakhooda & Nick Robins


The 7th COPpuccino introduces Smita Nakhooda of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Nick Robins – Head of Climate Change Centre of Excellence (HSBC). Both guests speak about pulic and private finance structures and the negotiations around these issues at COP17.

COPpuccino videos at COP17: Peter Seligmann


The 8th daily COPpuccino features Peter Seligmann, head of Conservation International talking about working with the private sector and the shift that has occured as companies take sustainability more seriously.

  • All the videos above are courtesy of the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership


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