Confessions of a drug user

PODCAST: The confessions of three substance abusers

GRADE 9s who inhale deodorant, teenagers who are dependent on taking acid (LSD) or ecstasy to have a good night out, and weed-addicted individuals are all too common in society today.

The social pressures and feelings of entrapment lead a lot of teenagers to abusing drugs and alcohol as a way out; or perhaps a way in when it comes to conforming with peers and trying to fit in.

In 2006, when I was doing my radio specialization at Rhodes University, it felt fitting to produce something newsworthy and important at a place where there is a major drug problem. However, I feel that this podcast on teenagers confessions of drug abuse still holds great relevance today.

It is a very real and factual account which I call the “confessions of a drug user.” These individuals were brave enough to speak openly on the issue and I only hope that it serves as an eye-opener for both parents and teenagers who are caught up in the drug sub-culture.

Podcast: Teenagers confessions of drug abuse

Many victims of an ecstasy overdose are teenagers, among whom the designer drug has proven to be quite popular.

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