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Destination London Reportback

LONDON TRAVEL BLOG: First Impressions of a First Timer Air Frog landed me safely back on South African soil in April after spending an eventful twelve days in London. This spelled my first time...

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Travel Indonesia Blog Chapter 1: Getting to Bali

TRAVEL INDONESIA BLOG: A Month in Bali and Gili Trawangan I was so over-eager to get on the plane that I was first in line. But after getting the silent treatment shortly after ticket...

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Travel Indonesia Blog: Welcome to the Jungle!

TRAVELING INDONESIA: A Month Spent in Bali and Gili Trawangan Stephane is a 20 year old, talkative French sports fanatic who is studying English in Perth. He has the calm nature of a poet....

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Ubud via Lonely Planet

I managed to find a copy of the Lonely Planet guide to Bali at the Homestay I’m currently living in. It’s proving to be an invaluable resource! After reading the section on Ubud several...

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A Frenchman, a South African & a Balinese Sat on the Beach

TRAVEL INDONESIA BLOG: Magic Mushrooms in Bali (Kuta Beach) We arranged to meet Andri later on the beach after showers and supper. With my new french companion I finally found the confidence to have...

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Turtle Island: What Not to do around Bali

TRAVEL INDONESIA BLOG: A Month in Bali and Gili Trawangan After my very first night in Bali I was awoken early in the morning my Alit – the snorting local who fetched me from...

I thought I'd better not mention the ATM that claimed my plastic but it was in this street 1

Travel Indonesia Blog Chapter 2: Exploring Kuta, Bali

TRAVEL INDONESIA BLOG: A Month in Bali and Gili Trawangan Kuta is the party capital of Bali. It’s where Australians flock in huge, friendly hoards. In fact, beautiful youth from all corners of the...


The Mauritius holiday experience

A brief history of Mauritius, languages spoken, the Le Palmiste Resort, Mauritian Food & Drink and the solo experience