Braaiday Video – Rebecca Black “Friday” Parody

BRAAIDAY VIDEO: Rebecca Black Parody Video of “Friday”

Poor Rebecca Black got torn to shreds over her ‘corny’ Friday music video. To be frank, it was an insult to eardrums all around the world. It may have helped brain-dead viewers learn the days of the week and the difference between left and right, but it wasn’t exactly a masterpiece.

What has emerged from the ashes is a proudly South African parody video of Friday called Braaiday! Every year thousands of animals are ritualistically slaughtered to celebrate what has become an annual event in SA – National Braaiday. Here’s the splurb from YouTube:

Braaiday Parody VideoIn preparation for South Africa’s National Braaiday, held 24 September every year, comedy duo ‘Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues’ recorded and shot a music video to parody the viral sensation that was Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Grab your tongs!

Here’s the original Friday song if you haven’t heard it

Braaiday Video – Rebecca Black “Friday” Parody

I just noticed that the Braaiday video currently has about five times the number of views than the Rebecca Black Friday video! Ha! Great job boys. It makes one proud to be South African B-)

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