A New PR Agency in Cape Town Making Waves

Lauren Shantall (Pty) Ltd is a young and blossoming PR Agency in Cape Town that is a perfect example of a company adapting to the ever-changing ways that we do business in South Africa. But this company is more than just a PR Agency; it also falls under the branches of Social Media Management, Perception Management and Integrated Communications.

Effective communications is key to any business model, and in the online world, this includes effective and strategic communications with clients and followers on social media. Having working in a similar environment, I can certainly understand and appreciate the care and planning that goes with representing any business online.

“It has been my pleasure to work with this truly inspirational individual. Lauren immersed herself in, and understood my needs and ended up delivering results far better than I could have ever imagined.” – Galia Gluckman

Can you think of a PR Agency in Cape Town that offers as many services as this?

PR Agency in Cape Town

I have been fortunate enough to work directly with Lauren Shantall in the past. She truly is an inspirational individual with extensive experience and a very impressive track record. Some of her existing clients include Kansai Plascon, InHouse Brand Architects, Probio, Ergoform, Indigenus, Mammoth BI and many more.

“Lauren Shantall (Pty) Ltd provides a cross-platform and integrated communications service spanning social, digital media and innovative marketing management. Founded by Lauren Shantall, the company represents the culmination of nearly 20 years of experience in media, marketing, digital and publishing.” – www.laurenshantall.com

It is becoming increasingly important to be multi-disciplined in the business world and I genuinely believe that Lauren Shantall (Pty) Ltd is a company that represents this well. It is certainly one to watch and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone searching for a Social Media Agency / Integrated Communications Company / PR Agency in Cape Town.

It’s almost as if the dictionary needs a new word for such companies!


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