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CLOUD COMPUTING: Doing business with shared cloud hosting

WHEN cloud computing and hosting technologies come together, the result is an entirely new breed of hosting that allows for businesses to dynamically alter and scale resources to meet their specific needs. This new model of web hosting also allows for resources to be rescaled at any time whenever the needs of the business change or is demanded by growth. Such flexibility directly translates into monetary savings because the business is only paying for what they need while avoiding downtime due to over-capacity.

These benefits can be obtained through three different types of cloud hosting platforms. One platform is not necessarily better than the other. It depends on the size of the business, their needs, and the scope of their online activity.

Cloud Shared Hosting

Cloud shared hosting is the basic package of the three modern hosting platforms. It is tailored to new businesses with a small online presence. The benefits of cloud shared hosting over other types are that it offers performance and reliability while maintaining high standards of security. It offers low costs and high uptime. This makes cloud shared hosting perfect for blogs, forums, informational websites, and basic e-commerce.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are the middle level of the new, modern hosting technologies. They can offer a business every benefit of a dedicated server without the downside of the high cost. The enhanced performance of cloud servers is combined with convenience and flexibility to meet the needs of a business that would otherwise require a dedicated server. Cloud servers can be dynamically scaled and rescaled at any time to meet the changing demands of the business. This reduces cost significantly because bandwidth is on a pay-per-use scale. Businesses never pay for unused bandwidth and there are no overage charges.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the merging of backup technologies with cloud computing. It offers businesses extremely high-performance that is upgraded as technology advances, so the business is never left with an out-of-date product they can no longer use. Cloud storage is completely scalable and is often comprised of storage area network (SAN) disks for fast data throughput and increased reliability. This is a great way to host streaming media along with any and all other files a business possesses. Media can be served directly to any other website owned or operated by the business. Cloud storage is not only perfect for backups, but it also allows employees to access data from across the world.

Doing Business with Cloud Hosting

Cloud web hosting platforms are a reliable solution for businesses that require maximum uptime but cannot afford to pay for more services than they are using. If the future or growth rate of a business is uncertain, cloud hosting packages are the answer. The business will save money by not purchasing unnecessary features while still being given options for future upgrading. Cloud hosting packages give a company the benefits and performance of traditional hosting packages without having to tie up resources into a dedicated server investment that may not be necessary.

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