Celebrating our cultural heritage

CULTURAL HERITAGE PARADE: Celebrating our cultural differences

AS a build-up to Heritage Month to be held in Durban in September, Pietermaritzburg hosted a cultural heritage parade. The aim was to identify various cultural youth groups in the area and bring together the diverse cultures of our country. It is hoped that this pilot project will become an annual event that Pietermaritzburg will host in 2010.

KZN Cultural Heritage parade: Celebrating our cultural heritage

In all honesty, the event was a flop. They were expecting 3000 plus people to pitch up, yet the only life that could be seen consisted of a handful of school kids, the marchers and a couple of tumbleweeds.

It was held on a Saturday afternoon, the organisers were an hour and half behind schedule and there were several big sport matches  running at the same time on television. It took a lot of effort just to drag myself there.

But, the intenions are good and I hope the project has better success next year.

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